Connect the Drops offers services to assist clients with implementing rainwater harvesting projects.  Our services include:

  • Implementation/Feasibility Studies
  • Training Seminars & Workshops


Implementation/Feasibility Studies


We analyze the benefits associated with rainwater harvesting, including:

  • Annual water savings
  • Operating cost savings (water bill savings)
  • Stormwater runoff reduction


Connect the Drops provides reports that outline rainwater harvesting implementation strategies based upon your needs.  These reports may include the following topics:

  • Review of municipal policy and departmental barriers to RWH system approvals
  • Analysis of municipal water savings and stormwater runoff reduction for small-scale systems (per building) or large-scale projects (subdivision or municipality)
  • Cost-benefit analysis for small- or large-scale projects
  • Analysis of the optimum size of rainwater storage tank based upon your needs
  • Advice on the development of Municipal Programs promoting rainwater harvesting (i.e., rebate programs)

Additional specialized services are available.  Please contact us for assistance.



Training Seminars & Workshops

Connect the Drops has partnered with several organizations to provide rainwater harvesting training workshops.  Connect the Drops offers training seminars & workshops on the following topics:

  • Regulatory requirements – applicable codes, regulations, and standards
  • Technical aspects – design, installation, and management guidelines/best practices
  • Case studies – residential, industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) case studies & “lessons learned”
  • Implementation strategies for municipalities


Please visit the Training section for details on upcoming training workshops.


If you are interested in arranging a training seminar for your organization or workplace, or for updates on upcoming training dates, please send an email to .